female Kahlan (nudity)


I’m working on a female model, Kahlan. (no tutorial, only reference images). I just abandonned my Cartoon mouse model (at least for a while).
Currently I’m working on the head on and off. I don’t know when it’ll be finished, but I do have time - so I’m not pressed to finished it early. At first I wasn’t thinking at posting anything until finished, but changed my mind.
This is the second female I make in 3D (see previous project Elissa… which lasted like forever). I must say, this second time goes smoother, but I don’t it is easy at all.
Enough typing, here are progress printscreens. The date is added to each image. This date is the day I worked on this model and created a next ‘version’. Time per day ranges from 10 minutes to +/- 2 hours…



Great! Looks pretty accurate, and topology is amazing!

Looks very good and accurate! If you want all of your wires to show up, just hit “All Edges” in the far right panel in edit mode. Great job!


Thanks for the comments. i don’t know how far I will complete this model, but we’ll see.

If you want all of your wires to show up, just hit “All Edges” in the far right panel in edit mode.

This is something I have wondered about for a long time. I thought it was just a change through versions and wondered how to to get the whole wire. I’ll try it out when I’m at home.

Working on the eyelids…


I’ve finally found some time to work a little bit on this model. I have created the ears, so now the head is complete an dmay need some refinement here and there…


damn, wow o_O

Could you post a little render, couse on your first post it seemed you textured the face wit a flat image and it looked real interesting to me

Could you post a little render, couse on your first post it seemed you textured the face wit a flat image and it looked real interesting to me

It is very rough and not meant as the texture, but I use it for reference…
below is a plain quick render, no materials.
(The ear needs more definition maybe.)


Well, it’s starting to gain some life.

Hi, so, I’m just guessing, you still havent aplied the miror modifire right?
Why dont you try baking the texture, so this way you coul retouch it from a very realistical aproach just tweaking som little details, and cloneing som areas.
By the way, do you know hoy to use baked ambient occlusion? couse it would help a lot to wash shadow on the face

To make the face look real I would recommend getting it good and finished while still being symmetrical. Then Unwrap it, and you can mirror the texture. After it’s textured, then tweak your model to have subtle asymterical features. You can also make the texture asymetrical. Then if you have a fast computer, multires it up, and sculpt very subtle skin texture, wrinkles, eyelids have alot of little wrinkles, maybe some dimples, even a slight bit of acne. Then use the new baking tools to bake a normal map for your low res version, as there’s no need to use a highpoly mesh.

To bring her to life, you need an excelent set of expresions. Shape keys will probably work best for this, but you might also want a bone rig, or maybe a bone rig that also drives shape keys. You’ll want to spend a lot of time making each expersion. And make them asymetrical too.

Some general crits. the ears are coming out of the head too much where they are connected to the head, looks weird. The form and volume are pretty good. The head is not wide enough in the front view, sure it matches your reference, but the reference picture is in perspective and not 5 eyes wide. Try widening the head to around 5 eyes in the front orthographical view, and it will look very good in perspective. Your topology is pretty clean, I don’t like the way the crease around the mouth connects with the nostril, it’s unnatural and doesn’t flow with the underlying structure. should be a really easy fix. Basically you want a loop of faces, that surrounds the mouth where it creases, and flows up, around the nostril and into the top part of the nostril. Might not seem too important at the moment, but when you are creating expressions you might run into some unatural creases, and having to edit your mesh at that stage can be a pain. Also, the neck isn’t right yet.

Hope I could help, looking good though, I’m excited to see where this goes!

The bridge of her nose is very flat, and very wide. It needs to be brought out a little bit, and made make the merge from the nose to the cheek much less gradual.

Thanks QuixoticSmile and Hobo Joe for the very useful comments! I’ll look into it and try to correct things.
I’m not sure yet what kind of detail level I want to bring into this model. Texturing will be kept to the last phase.
The crease at th enose isn’t the ‘usual’ topology and needs to be corrected to following the flow of the mouth indeed, thnx.

Adria, yes that sounds like a good idea. First I need to finish the wire. I just attached the ears to the head and I’m not satisfied yet. Also the neck isn’t done yet.

I don’t know yet when the following update will happen. Most of the time I’m busy and don’t have much time. Anyway, it happens when it happens;-)


I’ve been silently working on and off on Kahlan… here are some progress screenshots:















The End until today…

new updated render:


Is it just the wire display, or are there weird fgons in there? On the hand, I mean. Also, there are some triangles in the foot I see…

Not much time right now, but I’m trying to add an armature for basic posing… here a veru quick test (no texturing and far from finished): http://home.scarlet.be/%7Ematrix64/images/kahlan39.jpg

Hot! :wink:

Very good work, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

Here the latest update. The lips and eyes are colored in photoshop. The model is not textured yet actually.

  • I’ve been playing a little bit with lightning.

Here’s a low res render (without OSA):