Female Manga character

Hi this is based on Motoko Kusanagi from “Ghost in the shell”


Thanks for looking in.

Added larger pic

Nice pose. The face is kinda weird. Not enough polys, maybe? The lighting isn’t doing the rest of the image justice. Can we see bigger images?

I have to agree, the face looks … weird, I’m sorry I can’t be more specific than that but I just can’t quite put my finger on it. The rest really looks promising though.

I wonder how this would look with cel-style shading?

I thinks its the hair on the top it looks kinda square like that curves abit.

And possibly the eyes dont have enough depth…

Other than that it looks cool :smiley:

I think it looks really good. The only complaint I would have is that the eyes wouldn’t be both turned in at the sight like that. One eye looks through the scope, the other looks straight ahead. The non-scope eye usually squints a little because a scope diffuses the light. The light colored eyes look a little strange with the jet black hair, also, but women dye their hair a lot.

How did you create that hair?

She looks like she drank too much coffee.

You could try to make her alternative facial expression, now she has a blank stare on her face. That would improve the pic a lot.

Thank you for the replies.

henrymop, PassiveSmok: I think that is due to my dodgy post-pro, first time I have attempted it, I normaly don’t bother.

kit89: Thanks

fireside: Good point

Wolf: It’s the card system, basically what the Beast does but I did it by hand, NateTG did a mini tut here but unfortunately the pics have gone, may be pm him?

ChrisThom: I was the one who drank too much coffee during the making of this :wink:

Hippie: You read my mind, a chance to try out the drivers. I did try out a different facial expression in my wip, but as someone pointed out, the reason she has a blank stare is that she is not human but a robot and therefore lacks emotion.


Awesome, I see, thanks Nobody, I was looking how to create nice hairs.

So the card system, basically needs a mesh of the hair to be modelled. Then a hair texture is applied over the mesh to create a hair look? Looks very complicated to create, but gives a very good control over where the hair goes.

I do have a question I just want to make sure Nobody, if you don’t mind me asking.

Does the hairs created by the card system produce shadows on the face of a human model?

By the way, nice model :stuck_out_tongue: