Female Model [Nudity]

I’ve taken this about as far as I can with one set of eyes and opinions. Any comments and suggestions appreciated.




please include wireframes, final goals, and ideas for further progress.

Wire frames:




Future plans: I am focusing on anatomy, so I am planning to incorporate changes suggested in the forum and add some of my own with the aim of producing an accurate enough model to be used in my NPR software. http://inkulator.sourceforge.net One thing for sure I’m going to add is hair, which I plan to do as a sculptor would, rather than cards or strands.

Issues that I’m wondering about in the current model are the roundness of the buttocks, the expression on the face, and the shoulder blades. I think the back really needs some work, but I’m not sure what to do.

The lips, to put it bluntly, look like they got stuck in a pool drain. The eyes seem a little small and sunken. The lower bone on the back of the hand (as looked at from the zimg2 picture) seems to go between the fingers instead of into the ring finger knuckle. The face seems to come to a point at the chin too sharply for a woman. She also has no cheeks.

Incorporated some of the suggestions. The eyes were off indeed, and the cheekbones should be there now as well. As for the lips, I await clarification. The comment was colorful to say the least, but educational, who knows?

Thanks for looking. It was really a help!


it looks alot better. What I had meant by my comment was that they were so large as to be comical, but you seem to have reduced their size. Since you didn’t give a side view of the new mesh, I’m gonna go off the last side view and say that you might want to extend them out. Lips that large and full shouldn’t be flush with the face.

The butt looks just fine. In fact that was the first thing I noticed with your original post.

Heres a side view:


I’m not sure about this view either. I’ve got a reference photo, that this is pretty close too but I’m thinking the fold where the lower and upper lips meet isn’t sharp enough

Thanks everybody for all the comments. I am so pumped, I’ve always wanted to get that extra something that I see in all these posts here, and I’ve now found out that what really helps is comments from others!!!