female model (nudity)

May I ask this community for some feed back. Though I have attempted to model the female form a couple of times, but always felt the model was not right. Looking at the model in perspective view it looked out of proportion. This time I feel some success. Though I have more modeling to do. I have no specific questions other than how I can improve my modeling. Here is the blend file which may help you in helping me. Thanks


female_study_13.blend (932 KB)

you could post a wireframe so people don’t have to actually download and open the file

I think you just need anatomy study and mesh study. Her arms look broken, belly looks like a hernia, hands misshapen. toes are fat miss shaped no arch in feet ankle outside bone to low and far back. butt looks nice. back shape ok but a little bumpy. the cheek on her face has a unnatural shape/ bump, no detail on knee caps…
I hope that’s not to harsh. some of it looks really good and coming along nicely. It really is alot of work.