Female Model Project WIP (Contains Nudity)

Here’s what I’ve been working on and off the past few days. This is one my few attempts with sculpting and I’m still a newb with 3D Art so it might be messy. Perhaps this project may be overwhelmingly ambitious for a beginner but we’ll see where this goes… I’ve done hours of obsessive researching all sorts of tutorials. I still have alot to learn and tons of questions that tutorials cannot answer. Critiques and suggestions are welcome and I look forward to guidance.

Encountered obstacles and questions:

  • Cannot finish sculpt (ears, hands, feet, etc…) computer lagging from heavy accumulated of polygons. (Forgot to turn off dynotopo)
  • Not sure how to reach and work under the arm and etc…
  • Not sure how to break model into seperate pieces. (Retopo approach?)

My reference turnaround sketches http://kdragoonj.deviantart.com/art/Reference-Female-Turnaround-Sketches-430121647?ga_submit_new=10%3A1390920489

great anatomy and proportions. This is not a balance you see that often. Good work! keep it up.

Huh? People that know anatomy are almost always good at proportions.


I would personally suggest Zbrush if you are into arganic, detailed sculpting as it handles large amounts of vertices very well. If you however prefer to work in blender, polymodeling would be the way to go. Blenderella DVD will teach you almost everything you need to know - LINK (It doesn’t cover mouth interior modeling which disappointed me a bit).

To hide a part of your mesh click alt+b and drag to select what part you want to hide, doing this again will reveal the whole mesh

Your anatomy is fairly ok, the face pretty well done but your hands are too flat. Take a look at your hand and some references. Sculpting hands from scratch can be difficult. Push the head a bit out and pull her hips up a bit and widen her waist. From the side she looks very unnatural, you might want to search for more references

Hope this helps,

I didnt say he knew anatomy (not that he doesnt), but just because someone gets the anatomy 100% correct doesnt mean it will be balanced, which is where proportions come in. Thats all I was saying. Im not sure what your problem was with the statement I made.

also, hes not sculpting the mesh, he sculpted model to wrap. He can model the new model however he wants, but the one he sculpted he is only using to wrap, from what I can see. Z brush wouldnt make a difference if its just going to be covered up then deleted.

For those hard to reach places…
In Edit mode, use Alt+b to create a view selection. Then when you toggle back to Sculpt mode, only that part of the sculpt will be shown. Also, investigate the “mask” options in sculpt mode.

If I understood well, you said that most people are either better in anatomy or proportions. I just think this statement is weird as I haven’t noticed that

Well he said he’s in the process of sculpting so I just gave a few tips and approaches. He has quite a lot of details so I suppose he will want to bake the HP to LP, this is why I suggested Zbrush. It is compatible with blender, fast and has a lot of useful tools to help out with the polycount.

Thank you guys for the compliments,guidance, and encouragements! To avoid any sort of confusion I should’ve mentioned earlier that I have completely have no idea what I am doing. I have no idea where I am going with this project and I’m have yet to find my ‘workflow’.

@blendermonkey I will look into the Blenderella DVD, it looks very interesting! I was not able to work on the hands due to polycount and was left as the untouched basemesh that’s why it still looks flat lol. I am confident with constructing it if I figure out a way to overcome/workaround the problem. I will try out this hiding technique to ‘seperate’ body parts perhaps it’s the answer to most of my problems. I also completely agree with you pointing out on the side view. I think the problem with the side view is that the torso might be arching further out frontward or I just need to adjust and realign the pelvic region.

I understand what you mean, yeah I gues that is a little, er, unclear, how he says it.

As for the proportions, Im not saying someone has to be good at one and not the other, but I can name every bone in the human body, tell yo uevery joint, and explain the purpose of all the core muscle groups and where they are located, doesnt mean that I am capable of using that information alone to draw somebody. I know what they all look like and where they are located, but it is better for adding detail than making the core mesh. the base mesh is easiest with the 8 head method, then using devisions of 1/4 or 1/10 to measure details like breast, knees, waist, elbows, shoulders, etc… If that makes any sense. Im not saying that knowing anatomy doesnt make it easier and more likely that someone will understand proportions, just that 1 doesnt have to be with the other.