Female Model.

Here’s my first attempt at a female anatomy, or any anatomy for that matter. I know it needs a lot more tweaking of the mesh to round off the corners of the legs, torso, ect.
The major bug-bear for me is joining the mesh’s together, (shift-d, scale on x-axis to -1.000, ctrl+j.)
Problem is whats the best way to join the centre vertices together and remove that stupid crease down centre??

C&C most welcome.




The crease should go away when you joined the vertices.
If it doesn’t try recalculating the normals.

I would also like to suggest you try removing doubles. Then again, I’m probably way wrong.

Looks good though!

Nonononononononono. Get 2.4 if you haven’t already and use the mirror property. It will mostly fix the seam problem. If you need additional info, tell me.

Num1 -> Zkey until wireframe -> Bkey -> [select the verticies you want to snap] -> Skey -> Xkey[or Ykey/Zkey if its rotated elsewise] -> Num0 -> Enter -> Wkey -> 6key.
That should do it.
Also, you should use the mirror modifier, new to 2.40 (as suggested earlier) or in editmode, select the verticies that will make the seam, snap them as described, put the cursor there (Shift+Skey, Cursor -> Selection), then press Dotkey [.] and then mirror it (Mkey, X Global).
You should also select all verts and then hit Ctrl+Nkey. This will turn the normals outside.

A fine example of how Hotkeys actually blur out what we are doing here.
Imagine a n00b looking at your post, trying to figure what it is your doing.
When giving us a howto could you post the names of the action that go with the hotkey pls?

Streen: No im not on 2.4, im on 2.37a.
Did’nt want to change over to 2.4 until i had a sound basic feel for blender, instead of being a confused noob on one, to severe brain meltdown being confused by 2 versions.
Thanx for the info. If i stay bogged down i’ll let u know.

intheflesh: Thanx man! Shall have a go, and post an update once sorted

P.S. I’ll finish this project and move to 2.4!

also even though it is smooth everyting sill have its original boxy look to it. (and 2.4 is awsome with a lot of huge improvements)