Female Model

Whats the legality (on ely…vbulle…Blenderar…) Whatever… :wink: On posting a female nude model? Is that okay? I want to show everyone what i have so far and get assesments. All in the name of art. Thought I would ask first.

im pretty sure its ok, because i saw a few in finished projects and the mods said there wasnt a problem, but youll need official confirmation on this.

As long as you write (nudity) or something like that in the thread name I’m pretty sure it’s okay.

Yeah, it’s something like getting turned on by a barbie doll. Doesn’t happen unless your pretty weird and proper anatomy is a must with modeling. Just don’t get too realistic with certain private areas. I’ll start barfing if someone does realistic males.

hahaha^ same here

Why would you do realistic for a game, anyway? Unless… it’s one of… THOSE games… :rolleyes:

Actually I am playing around with creating a realtime movie. Just another way of telling a story, and I need a model as dynamic as possible for wearing different clothing. Its certainly not needed to have nudity but in order to show off the model I didnt want to settle for less than the bare minimum.

And no. Its not one of those games. :slight_smile:

I will post on a different topic.