female (nudity)


I started this thread some time ago on cgtalk, and I decided to continue here.
So, here is yet another thread about a female modelling.
Curently, I’m trying to model some decent hairs with blender’s new feature.
For the moment, bump map and spec suck, I’ll try to improve this as soon as I will be satisfied with the hairs.
Comments welcome,



The first image looks a lot like drew berrymore to me. Hair looks to be coming along nicely, nothing to offer as a crit really other then she looks quite sad.

The first one does indeed look like Drew Barrymore. I’m not a big fan of hers, but your model is excellent regardless. Her hair is very well done. Is that with the most recent version?

Well the model wasn’t supposed to look like drew barrymore, but thanks anyway !
I used some free reference pictures I found at www.3d.sk
Her hair is made with one of the latest cvs version.

Umm…Maybe if you add 100 pounds!!!

Dude! This model is awesome! Give LohnC a run for his money :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to our neck of the woods