Female polygon head

Hi, so I have been trying to achieve a decent female head (not too realistic- as in i need to watch my poly count, but also not too cartoony). This face looks absolutley perfect http://www.fallingpixel.com/female_head_new-3d-model/4360 but I need your suggestions of reference pictures (preferably with wireframe because I am a noob).

This is kind of what I got on my first attempt and it looks so weird taht I will have to start over and get it right (I used two different reference pictures because I didn’t have 2 of the same face that is pretty).


As a female head could be the part of a female body perhaps this will give you some hints:

No need to build a new face. Just use proportional editing tool to reshape them. It is all about proportion. Here is good image of female facial feature:


What is that proportional editing tool you are talking about? Is that the mirror? And my face is ok (Not the best) but the problem on that one is the back and sides of the head that give it that weird egg-like shape.

Switch to Edit mode and look at the icons on the 3D View menu (after View Select Mesh …). Now press “o” to enable proportional editing and check its different options.

More info…

Awesome, thank you!