Female posing mannequin

W.I.P. of a posing mannequin I’ve been working on. Kinda looks like a robot, but that’s a natural progression from other personnel things I’ve been working on. The rig is a work is progress also, but I’m mostly there.

Testing another skin material…

Cool. What’s her purpose? To use her as a base for sculpts?

This was mainly a proof-of-concept for upcoming personal projects involving female robots/androids… that’s why she looks the way she does. :slight_smile:

Interesting! I also thought in using her as a base for sculpt,

Is there a download?

No download. This was for a personal project so I haven’t released it for free.

It’s rather interesting that she is a mannequin. The kind of shot that you might include in a catalog of retail store supplies – and this one would not be cheap. The way you did it also suggests that her breasts are detachable, as in a real high-end mannequin they just might be. So that you could select an appropriate bustline for whatever clothing would be draped over her.

Maybe you should 3D-print this lady and start selling her to clothing stores . . .