Female Sith - The "Emperor's Hand" (nudity)

EDIT: I should have pointed out when I started this thread that it’s a continuation of a WIP here: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=55073

An update . Worked on the legs, hips, cut a few extra loops in for more detail.


Ah, the edge under the breast is indeed better.

The bicep, near the elbow especially, looks a bit pinched from this angle.

Always love your topology. Just a beautiful, clean mesh.


Looks great as always! whatever happened to your superman and lois lane?

I would say her face looks a little too intense, but that is probably the look you are going for.

I actually didn’t have a problem with the line under the breasts. Unless she is wearing a push up bra, when they get that big, they’re gonna sag a little.

Otherwise, looks great!

“whatever happened to your superman” -
That mesh is as finished. http://members.cox.net/shadowman99/superman/superman.jpg
By Lois I assume you mean the ‘casta’ project, and this is already lightyears beyond that one. http://members.cox.net/shadowman99/handsyafray20.jpg

“I would say her face looks a little too intense, but that is probably the look you are going for.”

The sith aren’t known for congeniality.


The elbow looks pinched because, as you now see, the arms still need attention. I want to get the back done first.

My only crit thus far is the upper stomach muscle area, which looks very unnaturally inwards tendet.

OK, noob question. Anybody feel free to answer and make fun of me:

In older versions of Blender, you could paint some verts, hide them, and they would disappear. Now, if you hide verts you will see a light grey cage where your mesh is ‘hidden’. I find it very distracting to see the front of my mesh as I’m trying to work on the back. I would like it to be 100% hidden. I cannot find a way to do this. Does anybody know where this setting is hidden?


when I press ‘h’ the vertices dissapear entirely. (i am using 2.41). At first, when I hit ‘h’ I was left a faint grey line, but I hit tab, entered solid mode, and went back into edit mode, and the verts and thin grey lines, were gone completely.

The problem with solid mode is I cannot see my background reference for muscles.

Great work! Perhaps the face is a little masculine :-?

Add some color and she looks more natural.

One more update for today


looks great. all the muscles look in the right places.
only crit is the ears might be a little pointy. I dont know they look like it to me though.

More work on the back, defined the shoulder and muscles. This still needs some beauty work , but it’s getting there -


Hi shadowman99,

Thanks for having a look at my project. I certainly learned a lot.
There’s one point were a little discussoin can start: does the face look a little too masculin or not. To my personal taste she looks too masculin, but it may be a preferred choice of you.

One other thing that I noticed is the butt :slight_smile:
You made the butt really curved horizontal, but I’ve read that it normally goes a little faster downwards like a wide V upsidedown and it not really horizontal. I’m at work, so I can’t upload an exmple, but I also adjusted this in my model if you need to see the difference in my WIP.

I don’t agree there. The butt looks exactly as it would on a fit, well trained woman (as one would expect from a dark warrior). Fighting stances demand strong thighs which leads to a less V shaped form. I say keep it as it is!

Sith appentice, ill tempered, bad at parties. Some say she has a scornful look on her face, but really she just takes her work home with her.

I think you’re mistaking the shadow cast in the arch of the lower back for the upper shape of her bum. (sorry, I think I’m having a Austin Powers thing this morning.) Maybe you should do a drawover. I was rather careful to follow my reference on the hips and butt.

My ftp webspace is currently down, so I’ll try to link a ref picture right from the google search and hope it’ll stay online (its a small one, but demonstrates what I meant. In case you want to have a look at the muscle flow of the butt:


ref coming from: http://istockphoto.com

I think what you are looking for is already there. There was a bit of spec that might have made it difficult to see. Here’s some wires.

I think what you are looking for is already there. There was a bit of spec that might have made it difficult to see. Here’s some wires.

That part is ok, but I mean at the bottomside. If you have a close look at the muscles, they go down more quickly like an upside down wide V-shape.

Here’s a picture of what I mean: