female study again (nudity)


I intend to use this mesh as a base, so i’m very concerned with the topology and the general proportions. no detailing yet for the same reason.

no texture, just coloured spots.



Nice work, but you do have some minor fixes.
Face: bottom lip seems too ‘pointy’ in the middle
Face: looks like a bruise and swelling under her left eye.
Ear: needs some more detail in the upper third. Antihelix should form a cup shape to funnel sound into the ear canal
Shoulder: deltoids cut in toward the humerus too soon.
Rib cage: The arch looks to be over 90 degrees, should be under 90 degrees.
Base of Spine: pushes out between the dimples, which should be a bit higher.
Basically small stuff. Nothing anyone would notice once she’s got hair and her clothes on. Except for the shiner. Gotta fix that cheekbone.

Nice work indeed!

Some crits:
The topology is missing the “flow” at some points, if you know what I mean.
Especially at the stomach area it looks a bit dizzy / non-structured and you should fix that if you want to use it as a base mesh!
Have a look at the topology in this thread created by toloban:

You will know what I mean…

I think the face looks masculine, but I can’t pinpoint why.

Great work so far.

hola de nuevo hace un tiempo empece con el proyecto de crear un personaje mujer en blender, hice el intento una vez y no me gusto despues hice otro con el que me he quedado esperando una forma real de hacer cabello hasta ahora que el nuevo metodo ha llegado pero todavia necesito algun tutorial para poder crearlo

espero les guste este modelo y cualquier comentario es bienvenido
el modelo de lukep se ve bastante bueno tambien !!



thanks to all.

Orinoco :

some of your comments are noted and will be corrected.

Some artefacts (notabily the cheek one :wink: are only due to my modeling light setup, point lights and very strong AO to enhance any defect induce those weird shadows.

Neablo :

True, the lower torso topology is not not final and will be cleaned.
Note that Toloban topo is geared toward a very different goal than mine.
he is aiming animation so need good deformations, whereas i use topology to suggest details without adding so much vertexs. i will pose the mesh then correct any artefacts.

the half body is only 1600 vertex at this point.

Saxofoner :

your remark means i’m on track :wink: her face is oval with round cheeks, so feminine but she has also a strong jaw and a somewhat deep brow which are masculine traits.
The original model had those features (even if the likeness is not good, to my desmise).

nikko :

please use english on this board.

If google has (for once) not translated too bad, you were asking how to get good results. there is no definitive answer to that question, but 2 strong points are proportions and training.

proportions must be very good because even the untrained eye will spot the uggliness lying in wrong proportions.
training means that you need to do many bodies before one is somewhat ok.
living creatures, including humans, are the most difficult things to model realistically. babies are probably the hardest, because their proportions are very different and dependant of the age.

Lukep,sorry but your topology isn’t good,you have to study better human anatomy,especially on the abdomen(it’s really strange how you have done it).The head seams to be much better but you should work more and eyes region.
If I can give you some advice don’t try to be too much adaptive in detailing the mesh,you can easily create a surface that it’s really poor from a mathematical point of view(try to use valence 4 for vertices,use poles only if you really need them)

some progress


Quite good. Issues in the order they came to my attention:
The nose has a too sharply defined downward plane. Transitions should be more rounded there. The extension of the nasolabial fold should be more defined.
Eyelids lack definition.
Lower lip is too triangular, should have more of a bow.
Ears look glued on and are too thin and edgy in places (I know ears can drive one nuts).
I miss a sign of pelvic bones on the front.
I quite like her behind :wink:

Either it is perspective or the arms are about two hands too short (in length). They are also not large enough at the base or termination.

Nice work, mate. 'Twer it that I could do as well… :thumb:

Thorwil, thanks spot on remarks, i knew some, but not all. and yes ears drive me nuts.
i think i have passed already more time on ears than rest of body.

The very subtle nasolabial was intended, but i may have gone too far

Zog34, yep arms were a bit short (forgot to rescale when making the torso longer)
about larger i think they are fine

will post follow ups