Female tree elf (nudity)

Well she’ll be nude eventually.

Don’t like the hair, never really seen go hair in blender.

I don’t like the hair either, but I think it is the hairline. Maybe down more in front, and turning more down the sides.


I haven’t seen perfect hair in blender, but I’ve seen it better than this.
Clump amount, strand settings, alpha and lighting are huge factors with hair.
If any one of those is off, it is no good.


Anyway keep up the good work.

Yeah I had a better look in 2.49. I think you’re right about the hairline but apart from that it just doesn’t look like its in the scene. The dark streak down the left seems to have little relation to the rest of the model. Alpha and colour ramps don’t seem to have much of an effect either.

oh and it crashes when I try buffered shadows

Particle hair as it’s now implemented will always be a choice of stylizations imo, much like how an illustrator might choose a particular method of portraying/painting hair in a 2D image. This usually means accepting compromises in terms of “realism” of the strands, and often having to deal with how particle hair reacts to light in comparison to meshes. It just doesn’t light the same imo, and it shadows differently as well, especially in response to AO, which may be what’s causing your dark streak.

In terms of the rest of the model, here are some things to consider:

An elven face (as opposed to “elfin”) can easily stand up to some mild exaggeration of certain features and proportions – I think you could enlarge & separate the eyes to good effect, perhaps add a slightly greater upward tilt to the outside of the eyelids, a little more middle-eastern/west Asian or Oriental look.

The outer part of the orbital ridges of the eye sockets seems too pronounced, could curve away from the eyelid crease sooner for a more gently rounded contour in that region.

The bow-shape of the lips looks overstated (some of this may be due to the shadowing/AO) almost to the point where they look pursed.

The neck probably isn’t near a finished state but as is it looks too short and tapers too much before it curves out to the shoulder/traps muscle area.

Hey, really great! I particularly like the eyes (any tips on how you made those? :smiley: there seem to be reflections but nothing is around to reflect)

I find that the skin is a bit too red, in my mind elves either tan gracefully or are pale. Since she’s a tree elf I would probably lean towards a mild low saturation golden brown. My 2 cents

Ok shes not an elf she’s er… an imp?

@greynz I use a hdr relfection map. but any reflection map will work to an extent

did some more sculpting, copped out with the hair

some work on the skin shader (render times gone through the roof) and the eyes, though for somereason the reflections on the right eye doesn;t seem to be working.

variation on the skin shader

Please share your skin shader, it looks great :slight_smile:

lighting change + skin shader

eyes arent working at all

And to get the pores I take it it was a high res sculpt?

Edit: Nevermind, you forgot to pack the blend file :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a displacement map. Whats pack the blend file?

Go to File > External Data > back in blend. Then reupload. :slight_smile:

If pack puts all the texture maps in the file forget it. They are 16bit 4k colour, displacement, cavity reflection dermis and epidermis, so they’ll never fit in the upload.

Anyway apart from the displacement they are completely bog standard. Dermis is a bit red, epidemis is a bit grey, you know the score.

Did you make the textures or download them? I’m just curious as to how you made the shader. I’ve never been good at skin shaders and wanted to study someone’s skin shader blend.

the displacement and the cavity map are products of the hires sculpt. The colour maps are really nothing special yet. Oh and i use the cavity map for specular intensity

This still doesn’t make much sense to me haha. Do you know of any good skin shader tutorials? I’m really confused :stuck_out_tongue: