Female voice actor

HI! I am looking for a female voice actor to play one of the females in my game , who will be the main character in my game aswell . Your voice will need to be a strong , fearless voice .

I will need alot of sounds from you such as :

-Sentences of course

But i will need a little bit of swearing to make everything a bit more intense! :slight_smile:

You will a good quality microphone and will need just a bit of spare time.

At the moment i am working on the story line on my game and ill need you to tell the story !

If you are interested i will give more info , And ill need some test sounds from you to see if you have ‘the voice’.

thank you , Knuckles

Hi Knuckles! I’m a voice actor and I’m interested in your game! What would you like from me?

Awesome!! Id love to hear your voice first if you dont mind! , I just need you to say The world is amazing and awesome! ​then do a funny laugh after wards , Then send it to me through pm ! Thank you so much!!!