Female WIP (Parental Advisory) LINKS FIXED


Here are a few pics of a female model that I am working on. There is still alot that I have left to do on it… like hands, feet, a head and what not. But before I go on I want to hear some feedback on what I have so far.
The things I want to fix are.The arms that are on it now took me a while to do but I still do not like them as they are now. The butt still needs a little bit of work like a slight lift, and bring the cheeks a little closer together. When I look at the breasts in the front view but look fine in the side.
When it is done I plan to use it for a variety of projects. I think she will mainly be some sort of cop in the future, but I will on occasion dress her up in costume to fit the time of year, holiday, etc…

The links standered geocities practice drag&drop/copy&paste


(cohort) #2

Those bmp’s are soo big that you’ve exceeded the transfer limit… You should convert them to jpg (much smaller format), and also consider posting to a hoster that doesn’t mind a flurry of activity that dries up in a short period…

(TazyTiggy) #3

Seems like the waist is WAY to small, and the hips are just a little to big in relation to the rest of the body. Looks good other then those 2 things.

(Bapsis) #4

Wow, such liberal use of “ghetto bootie” and such skinny little legs… :wink: Overall a very good job tho, just needs a tweek here and there (and no, i dont mean the nipples…). :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!


I loosely based the construction on refenence material from the Jon of Arc tut on 3dtotal. The proportions are a little off but I like the general look of the model. As for the waist yea it is a little small and I will fix that quite soon. My main gripe about the model is the shoulders and arm, how do those look?

(Zweistein) #6

woah… She have a big ass…

(stephen2002) #7

she is a bit thin and out of proportion in areas.

Great start.

(dreamsgate) #8

her arms look a little too skinny in proportion to the rest of her. other than that she looks good.