Femme Fatale

Here’s a new model I’ve been working on this week!

Based on the concept art by Johannes Helgeson.
This was made for the 70th Weekly CG Challenge :wink:
I also wanted to model one of his artworks for a while now! Figured this is the best opportunity :smiley:
I’m not so happy with my lighting though … I couldn’t get it rendered right so I painted a bit in the rimlights afterwards :confused:

Here’s a Viewport Screenshot:

Please let me know what you think! And critique is very welcome.

And if you want to see more of Johannes Helgeson then here is a link :wink:
-> https://www.artstation.com/artist/helgesonart

Hi. Great work. I think it would be better with more play with shadows. She looks very lit up from both sides.

Some idea what I was thinking about:

I love the shaders and the lighting you obtained, looks like a painting! Great work! :slight_smile:

think you’re being a bit hard on yourself… this is fantastic!! :slight_smile:

This look is pretty good, always inspired from you ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s really great. Atmosphere, style, everything really top notch.

top row, now.

wow …amazing work

Thanks guys! For the feedback and the 5 stars! :smiley:
You are right, I’m not 100% happy with the lighting either :confused:
I should have played a bit more with shadows and complementary colors to maybe get a better result.
But in the end it’s not that bad. I’ll keep it in mind for the next one though :wink:

Very nice. You captured very well Johannes art. Cool :wink:

Wonderful work! You beautifully captured the theme of the week #70 challenge! :smiley:

Really amazing work! Love how you got her expression just right :). Keep it up!

Great work! Definitely top row material :slight_smile:

I like your treatment of the noir-ish edge lighting better than the original. Out of interest, does the model work well from any other than the given viewpoint? Seems like some of the caricaturization may prevent that.

Thanks! I sculpted the model so that it works for all angles except the face. So that her mouth looks from the camera perspective like the original concept I had to compromise and make the left side a bit shorter and pull it more inwards. SO if you look at it from the left it looks a bit odd …

I also bend the nose a bit to the left as well. I feel it’s annoying to do that but in this case I cared more about the finished render than a perfect 360 model :wink:

Wohoooo! This one got also featured by blenderartists.org now! :smiley:
First time that 2 artworks of mine are in the top row of the page simultaneously XD

Oh and she also got accepted for the 3D Total Galleries!!! Tommorow you can see her on their homepage :smiley:

Well deserved !

Absolutely, it’s a great interpretation of the original art, so compromises are more than acceptable :smiley: 'Grats on the honors as well!

Great character work :smiley:

Very nice piece!:yes: