Fence Not Repeating on Sides

Hi, I have created this simple fence using a simple “T” shape. The problem is the fence is not mapping on the sides of the mesh (see image). I am using a mapping node and “Generated” as the mapping type. I can do this by unwrapping and UV’s but I want to try this using “Generated” and it should work.

Why it isn’t the texture repeating/tiling the on the sides?

Same as why a blend texture doesn’t wrap around the cube - it is mapped to the objects generated local coordinates. Maybe try Normal, since that might tell it to work on each face normal.

Thanks Craig. That’s too bad. I remember in Cinema 4D I could apply the image an set “box” to be the mapping mode, then it would wrap the image on all sides of a cube with no problem. Most 3d applications will allow for this so I was hoping Blender would too. :frowning:

I have a lot of simple objects like the fence I need to make and unwrapping them all will be a pain. Any suggestions?

You can try using your image texture set to ‘box’ instead of ‘flat’ and see about using the Generated texture coordinate. I do use box mapping for textures, but only as place holders until I’m ready to paint on a new UV map.

try with object or generated and see if it works


In BI it’s easy…

Thanks Craig and RickyBlender. I tried with box and flat and object, generated, and parametric. Nothing seemed to work.

eppo nice example, thanks. :slight_smile: I need to use cycles so internal is not an option.

eppo, so is the fact we can’t set the projection to “cube” in cycles the only reason we can’t get a result like in BI or is there more to it than that?

That’s a question way above my level. Let’s hope it works the same as in internal some day.
But with a little more work you could use just planes which would work fine in cycles, i guess.