I there! so yesterday I make this cool fence, but I dont know what to add %| it is to empty…what should I add? and what do you think of my fence?
yeah I know that I should remove the wrf effect but I’ll keep it for the moment…

well since its so empty why dont you try rendering it with out the wire turned on :wink: :slight_smile:

Maybe you could put it around a field of rabid cows :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: …Or normal cows, but why would you want to do that? %|

Seriously, though, I suggest either putting it around a pasture of some sort or around an old house. Its old look and stuff would fit either. Good fence.

make a nice chateau behind it.

Ok i’ve got an idea, but I need your help guys.How can I make nice sand??

Basically something yellow’ish with a grain texture with the nor value set to high (put in more then one though) and click full OSA.

heum I got ugly result when I try that… can you explain in more detalis please??

:wink: One thing I can see that the fence needs is nails.It seems to be held up by glue or something.And every post doesn’t need to be in the ground.every 5th one would be good.I like the grass…

thanks :stuck_out_tongue: hmm yeah your right, i’ll make some post damaged on my new fence, but I still wanting to create a footpath and dont know how do make it look nice…