Fender Bassman 100


I have recently tried to model a Bass Amplifier, the Fender Bassman 100
I am kind of stuck here. Maybe you could give me some advice about what I should do next to make this render more realistic ?

I am open to every kind of critics. Please fire up !


Excellent job! I would say the bumpmap maybe just a hair too intense on the main body but that’s just a matter of opinion. :smiley:

I’ve added the handle on top: I am not sure at all about the real material, so I made something classic, out of rubber.
I will have to add some dirt/wear at the junction with the leather.


Still looking good, you have the materials nailed.

Hi, Gwenouille. I think it is pretty good. Maybe you can add some more Mirror Reflection to that leather material and I agree that bumpmap is too intense. But overall it it looks nice.

OK, I turned the reflections on the leather a bit stronger, and the bumpmap has been slightly toned down.
Besides, the metal bit now has a norm, spec and color map, and the leather underneath is darkened and slightly coompressed (norm).
I think it is better.
I have to add dirt…


Added a jack…


Added another Jack, a NEUTRIK one, industry standard.
A general view and a close-up.

I don’t like the spc/reflections at the top of the knobs: very blank !


Still working on that Fender.
I changed the fabric for a picture of the real one, and added some slight “metal working” pattern on the aluminium panel (concentric milling machine pattern). They are only visible when you look full-screen.

I made the leather more reflective as well, and with a denser texture. I think it works much better.


Nice progress. It looks very good.
I still think that normal map on leather texture is not perfect - it looks like cracked ground. I also have BEHRINGER amplifier in my room so I have similar texture right infront of my eyes right now. So my suggestion for you is to try to take the normal map texture for that leather material into GIMP (or Photoshop or whatever) and apply a little gaussian blur to it. I think this should improve realism of the texture :).