Fender CD60

I buy a new Fender CD60 for a mouth. And I like to create it as a 3d model. First time it’s a realtime art (run in blender game engine) but it to large to run in realtime (about 51,xxx vertices in whole scene). Finally , I decided to render with Blender Internal


So , this’s a video that run in game mode (realtime )


Thanks for all comment :slight_smile:


looks pretty damn decent for a realtime render :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

wow - might not have guessed it was realtime it’s so good :smiley:

maybe some Ao baked maps would just add that tiny bit more realism?

Yes, I add ao baked already. But it still not realism 'cause it too dark (I’ve some problem with lighting skill in realtime :slight_smile: )

emm… try cycles? :slight_smile: