fender electric guitar model

here are some renders of a guitar I have been making over the past week or so.
all rendered in cycles at 100-200 samples in around 5 minutes each. I made the background for the first image in gimp, because the plain grey one looks kind of boring.

high resolution

high resolution

high resolution
Hope you like them! :stuck_out_tongue: (please view the hi-res images because blenderartists makes them look pretty bad)

The background is too close in tone to the darker parts of the guitar - kind of blending in, fretboard dots seem a little big and the lacquer doesn’t quite have the glossy multi layered look but otherwise pretty accurate. Pickups and knobs could be creamy white to stand out better and still be correct. Missing truss rod plug and string trees too while picking nits. And since render times for vintage Fenders and brand new Squiers are the same so why not splurge and indulge yourself…


Beautiful. Couple things that would make it look more real. The metal on the jack input doesn’t look right. Looks like grey plastic with a clear coat on it. Might just be the lighting though. The pick guard needs a curve on its edge. At least I don’t remember one being flat like that on the edge. Seems they were swooshed in a bit. I also think the screws are recessed in real fenders. Oh and the pick guard is not that reflective. Very easy stuff to fix. Great job.

Needs a better studio environment to really show it off for the render. Modeling wise, an extra layer of sub-div on the pickups, you can see the rounded edge is segmented. Also, at present, the pickups look like they rise up out of the pickguard, there should be a small gap around them as they poke through.
Jack plug, push the “hole” back and make it black with zero diffuse so it appears to go into the guitar body. Maybe bring the upper points of the pickguard in a little to give a slight angle to it, it’s not often you get a hard-cut pickguard.
One other thing, it’s a small matter and I don’t know if you want to go to that level, but the machine heads are not one piece but have a collar thus;

All that nit picking apart, great work and I really do think a better “studio” environment would make it look even better without any modelling changes. :yes:

Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, I know that most of the materials are not very good, but with only 5-6 months of experience, I’m still a bit of a noob at rendering. :slight_smile:
Also I decided not to make all the recesses around the screws and pickups because the topology of the pickguard isn’t very good for that, and the Boolean modifier seems to sometimes ruin the other topology of the mesh. (mostly because I’m not very good at modelling). I agree it really needs a “studio environment” but I didn’t really get around to doing that, and have any idea how to.

BTW, I own almost the exact same guitar I modelled here, so I have noticed most of the missing details. :slight_smile:

That is incredible for only having a few months of experience. It’s very good. Just google for studio HDRI.