Fender Guitar

Getting close to done with the modelling of this fancy guitar. then I will apply some paint and funky lighting.


The model looks good.
the lack of a tremolo whammy bar & the bottom plate that holds it is obvious at this point. (standard for all strats)
Also traditionally when customizing a strat, the twin pickups go to the back, not the front.(unless you put one at the back also)
Great work otherwise.

It must be one of those Japanese copies or something. A “Hondo” maybe.

finished the modelling ( except for the ends of the strings ).


Really nice modelling. One of the better guitars i have seen.

Really nice modelling, but I second that comment about the placement of the humbucker. It looks a little weird there.
… also you’re missing a machine head, and the sloped section on the body (opposite the jack, where the player’s arm normally rests) that’s a standard feature on a strat isn’t there either.

yeah I totally spaced the sloping part, I may have to radically alter the topology.

added the sloping bit, also a reflection, and I am now considering different finishes. I want to steer away from the typical flame colored finish, just to be different. I kind of like this blue version, so far.


Looking sweet!
Last bit of criticism: what’s with the five machine heads on a six string?
And also, I changed my mind about the humbucker in the kneck position, it may not be standard, but it would sound good!

hehe, I wondered why you mentioned the machine head, now I see it, lol. I will correct that right away.

great modeling work modron. i’m no expert but am a big fan of the fender lineup- couple of points re: fender strats

  • some say the ‘strat’ is the perfect quitar. it takes work to play, is not that forgiving, but may be the most played guitar out there
    -not all are fitted with a whammy bar - yours is a ‘hard tail’ design
    -the standard 3 pickup/single coil setup can be modified in any combination to include ‘humbuckers’. no position would be wrong
  • the sloping surfaces would be called contours
    nice :slight_smile: