Fender in Blender

Hello everybody! Here is my last work which called Fender in Blender. I’ve made it (modelling and texturing) about a week and rendered 11.30h in Cycles (2000x2000 2000 samples). Hope you enjoy and thanks for comments!

it looks good overall, but the main light over the guitar is a little too bright…11 hours to render eh? WOW!

Thanks! Yes, you are right the light is bright but that was an idea to make metal parts more shiny. About great render time - its because of СPU. I’ve tried to render with GPU but can’t do it now.

The wood texture seems to be a bit rough. I might try to scale it down a bit so it looks more fine grained.
Why does everyone a guitar of some kind though, I can’t understand!

I don’t play on electric guitars only on acoustic and its secret to me too.

It’s a good way to try out cycles materials and such.

It is a nice model of a guitar.
Did you forget the whammy bar?
The body should be red, it looks like unfinished wood.

What is whammy bar?
I see this color on my references. Unfinished wood? You mean bad texturing or what?

i think what he means is that as guitars are made of a simple base wood, yours looks like it is yet to have some red plasticy stuff applied to it.

So you mean that red lines in texure. I see. Yes maybe texture has to be simply.

You’re modeling a Stratocaster and you don’'t know what a whammy bar is? It allows you to detune the entire guitar while you are playing it. Typically Stratocatsters have cherry red bodies. But natural wood and other colors are acceptable. Your wood looks fine.


Pretty nice looking guitar. I Kind of like the unfinished wood look. Since guitars can be of … pretty much anything you want… then its a nice custom.

I would change a few things though:
The lower strings dont go into the bridge properly, there going into metal, not the holes.
You have a guitar strap bracket on the bottom, but not the top… if so, there would be a shadow.
The body cover needs rounded out more on the bottom right… I had the same problem on mine.
The body cover on the right edge, near the bottom needs pulled back toward the center a bit. It looks like it is hanging over the edge by the shadow. this would never be true.
The selector switch is not actually in a slot, its floating on wood. If putting a slot in causes a big mess, then just paint it black under there, or put something black in there so it looks deeper…
Fret boards generally are really smooth and slick, so you can slide easier, especially on electric. This one looks kind of rough.

The only reason im picking at it a little, is because I like it very much, and want to see it even better. =)

Thanks for deployed answer! Maybe later I’ll fix this because of render time )

Really great model!