Fender Strat model

hey im making a high poly fender stratocaster model. here’s the first render. lemme no what you think so far:

Wow thats great! Problem is its a bit too smooth looking, esp the knobs.

thx yea ill start working on the knobs now

here’s with shades and the knob ubdate


Wow. Looks great. Those aren’t the final mats I hope? Anyway, looking great. Why is no one else commenting?!

idk and yes those r the final mats but u cant tell the quality because there is nothing to reflect with and a bunch of other factors that will fix themselves when i add scenery

looks nice I think the pickups may be slightly off alignment though. Not really sure. ( I am too lazy to open it with GIMP and make straight lines to check it.) Also the rivets/screws/whatever holding on the faceplate look wrong.

Wow, great modeling.

Can you give us some other views? (side, perspective, wire)
Nothing to C&C on the modeling at this point. Only looks like you forgot the hole for the tremolo in the bridge plate, but I’m not sure 'bout that! :eyebrowlift2:
Could also be that Fender uses 1 standard bridge for tremolo/non-tremolo Strats.

Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see the final result!!:stuck_out_tongue:


thx i have a render w/ walls and a quickly done wood floor. very basic surroundings but im foccusing on another project right now. Also the bridge is almost 100 % correct, i was very maticulous, i just didnt add a hole for the trem bar cuz im just that lazy =). here’s the pic with walls/floor:

yes, i know, its a bit funky at the moment but as i said, im focusing on another project right now and this project is a secondary. If you feel like seeing my main project and its progress, look around for “The Cell”

i just made one of these myself, the hardest bit is the scooped out portion where the neck goes, and the bit between the neck and the tuning assembly. The scooped out bit where the neck fits could be easily faked however, if you don’t want to spend alot of time. btw, for tapering the frets, I reccomend a lattice.