FENDER Stratocaster Sunburst Finish

Hi everyone. This is my first posted work. made it with blender2.6, rendered with cycles(500passes) and did a little work with GIMP. Cycles render is AWESOME! I hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Please, no flames about my bad English.
Thank you all and Blender!


add one more image… (01-Jun)

Wow. The only thing out of place I can see is the angle of the tremolo arm (wammie bar, if you prefer). It’s been a while since I owned a Strat, but I’m pretty sure the arm comes straight up, does a ninety, then angles up slightly away from the pick-guard surface.

Other than that, though… Wow.

nice work,congrats

Thanks for your advice. Your are right, but I think there are many types of arm bars. This Strat has a low-pitched arm bar.:wink:
attached new images as follows.

Thanks for your comments.:smiley:

Wow, great product vid. :slight_smile: Where can we see your portfolio?

Thanks for the comments. Sorry, I don’t have my portofolio page on the internet. Because I started learning 3DCG 1 year ago(from Blender Ver2.57). so, I don’t have enough my works to be able to show to the public. (But I have a lot of WIP or junk.:o)

BTW, Your web site is nice and helpful. I soon subscribed it. Thanks.

This is the best Cycles guitar render I’ve ever seen! Great work :yes:

Lighting, Textures, etc… Just Perfect. Love this render; Great Job!

Damn, those are some thick picks.:slight_smile:

Looks great though! I made a guitar a few months ago but never got to render it because my flash drive got stolen.

Looking forward to more work from you!

Thanks for your comments. Your works a series of nature are very beatiful and clear. I like it!

I’m glad you say so. Thanks!

Oh, I like the guitar pick called “Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III”. Those are very thick. Anyway, thanks for the comments!

Throw some DOF on that and it would look amazing! :yes:

Thanks for the comments. I tried it some. But at present DOF adjustment is difficult for me. I have to study more the DOF adjustment.:o
attach two images as follows.

Wow :open_mouth:
You’re feaking talented ,lol :smiley:
Great work! 5 Stars.

Thank you! It’s a bit overrated for me, but I’m glad to hear it:p

I like 把瑠都!

You probably know how to play this guitar, yes?
Excellent work! Very well done.

Wow! Beautiful renders :eek:

I’d love to see a making-of or at least some hints as to how you did this.

Keep them coming!

And, congratulations on the great banner in http://www.blendernation.com/

Wow, nice attention to detail. Keep it up!

Thanks for the comments!
In fact, my guitar is a white finished Strat Fender Japan made ,and I am not a very good guitarist.:o

I saw your works on this forum a little while ago, and was struck by them(many great works).
There are many things that I should learn from them. I appreciate the significant contribution made by michalis for Blender community.

Thank you! I’m glad to point about that.
Your video are very interesting and beautiful, unique! I strongly feel your passion from your work:spin: