Fender Stratocaster

Okay so this is a guitar i made,fender stratocaster or something like that :smiley: Rendered in luxrender about 24 hrs and i still can find some noise from there but i guess itโ€™s okay :smiley:
-Postprocessing done in blender compositor and Gimp

Please tell what you think, if there is something wrong iโ€™ll just fix it and render another 24hrs :smiley: Thanks!

Use cycles

The frets and the knobs, the pickguard look to fat.
The neck looks like a block.

Those knobs are actually Telecaster knobs, and your toggle switch is more of a Les Paul style. Fender uses their own specific five way switch for the Strat.

itโ€™s not actually Strato sorry about thread name but i call it strato cause i think it remainds strato the most :smiley: but thanks anyway!

everything is way to specular