Fender Telecaster

Here is a telecaster model I’ve been working on. I’m mostly finished, but for some reason, I still don’t feel like its photorealistic. So, any tips or whatever I could get would rock. It’s rendered with yafray. Thanks!

scuse me while I kiss this guy…

great model

the black plastic and the crome doesn’t look quite right

maybe extrude the black to give it a bit of height from the wood? can’t help you with the materials thou

nice telecaster. i agree with waylow about the chrome and plastic. to me everything seems kind of flat, except the wooden material on the body, which looks very nice. i also think the body is too thin. missing: nut where the neck meets the headstock, and jack to plug it in.
to get it more photo-realistic you’ll need to add some “dirt” to the textures it’s a bit too clean right now. looking really good though.

I really like your detail on this, but I have a crit on just one aspect: the wood grain in your material is affecting the nor, when in reality the layers of laquer/clear coat would not allow such a sharp edge to poke through the surface. I mean, maybe I’m seeing it wrong, and it’s just an effect from the specularity in the render - I hope you understand what I mean. Maybe it just needs softening… I have had a guitar similar to this, and I have taken several apart in attempts to customise them, and I have to say this is a very good job!!

Keep going!!:wink:

context might be throwing you off. take a pic of your garage band, or at least your real amp on a real floor in a real room, and composite your model over the picture, adjusting for the real-world lighting, and render. If you can tell the guitar is fake, then that might help you firgure out what must be very subtle clues your eye is picking up. I say “very subtle” because that is a great model. your attention to detail is amazing!

I’d add the fender logo to teh head. The head is missing a little something, maybe that’s what throwing everyone off. GREAT model. I like the wood texture alot.

My bad, it’s on the top pic, but it doesn’t appear on the bottom, why is that?

On the second image: The silver has too strong of RAY_MIR values. Take down thew actuall ray-lir reflective value(not the fresnel, etc), that should help a lot.

But overall, Sick, gotta get me one of those

wow! Thanks for the replies! The reason the fender logo is on the top, but not the bottom, is because I actually added the logo in photoshop after I rendered it. I just forgot to add it to the other one. I’m actually at work now, so I can’t do any changes, but will update soon. Thanks a ton!

aha~ cheater. look up the decal tutorial for putting that fender logo on the head for a pure blender render.

lol. It’s not that I don’t know how, it’s just that I noticed it was missing after I rendered it, and I didn’t want to render it again! Well, I’m rendering an update right now, so I should have one soon.