Fender Telecaster

I modeled this in about a day, and textured it the day after. I would like to know just what it is that is throwing you off.

beautiful… add more shots…

for starters the sides look umm not textured? maybe a little too shiny… also shiny on the bottom left of guitar.

also… not sure what its called but the black thing under the strings looks unreal…Too black and i think there is a metal part (circle) under each string… so i think that would be 7 of those little circles…

Yes, there should be six magnetic piles, one under each string, and I haven’t gotten around to the UVed textures quite yet. I also think I’ll study the wood pattern on some of my guitars… I probably should have done it already.

This is an internal render too, because I use 2.5, so YafRay doesn’t work anymore.

the are builds on graphicall that have yafaray bundled with 2.5 every thing is already setup so you just unzip and off and enable the addon and off you go.

The edges of the body are to sharp. Needs a bevel.

I’d suggest using Cycles for such renders.

Can you still bevel only the selected edges in 2.5? I tried to use the old command, but after checking it looked like it only had the bevel modifier, which seems to bevel the entire model.

I have a new version rendering right now.

I’ve finished the render, and reworked the wood texture. My six year old computer takes ages to do this, so I only have one picture. Pardon the rough edges, I have alpha enabled at the moment.

Edgest are still much to sharp. Create some edgeloops and try the subsurfe modifier. I really like your metal texture! I think I’d pull the bump back just a bit on the wood though. Keep up the good work.

I’m using subsurf. Maybe I need to move my edge-loops, instead. And thanks for the comment about the metal texture, it’s just the base material grey with reflection at top and a gloss setting of .8, with 100 samples. It looks pretty much like the real thing.

Here it is, rendered again, with bevels.

nice, make the 6 magnetic piles or whatever stick up a bit (if they are supposed to)

also should their be a little writing or something on the metal notches?

Nice Tele! Does your guitar’s grain go that way? I think the grain is usually in the same line as the neck. Here’s a picture of an Ash blank for reference. The pick guard looks a bit thick to me. Can we see a close up of the neck? Also, where’s the output jack?


Bloody hell, I forgot the output jack… And I do have a guitar with grain like that. It does appear that I need to thin-out the pickguard though.

Incidentally, does anyone know how I could get these to render faster? I’m currently taking about an hour for each render.

I’m currently using Cycles to create my renders at pretty high resolutions.
Its not too hard to learn and is seriously fast if you have an nVidia graphics card but can use the CPU as well.
I used to let the likes of lux render overnight only to find I didn’t like the result or spotted mistakes. In cycles you can make the changes really fast with some amazing realism (I’m not there yet but there are some renders that are)

I usually let me test renders run for about 10-30 seconds and proper renders take between about 15-20 mins for my Fender P-Bass (in focused critique forum if you wanna see results)

Don’t have a lot to critique, mainly your metal looks more like aluminium from a can and should be more a chrome finish.

New renders:

The strings rest in the nut grooves (the white piece at the end of the neck) and then down to the base of the tuning pegs. Yours float over the nut and go to the top of the pegs, which won’t work…

I did the same guitar, though with different color, for my simple assignment back when I was still studying. We were supposed to create a logo for a company and I chose a guitar. I like the shiny finish you made for the pickguard though it does not look that natural to me. Real ones are not that shiny, but it is your interpretation so who am I to judge. The thing beside the knobs is unclear and some would have a hard time identifying it.

Great work!

Hey Natman ! The images that you have posted are really quite attractive, I just loved them…

I agree with ZapperJet
and it looks a bit too shiny imo

modelling wise the rest looks pretty good!