Fendri the Bearserker

Fendri the Bearserker

The Branches are from a Tutorial of Brian Tenorio

Cool stuff :slight_smile:

I would love it if you bent (mostly his neck and head)him more towards the “enemy” rather than us to show the viewer more that it is what it is fighting, took me a while to realize.

Also a tiny bit darker and less saturated grass would be nice too :slight_smile: would look more like it fits into the woods, also the skin of the bear could be a lot darker almost like a gorilla if you understand what I mean.

About the fur it could look a bit more “fat” if you understand what I mean, right now he looks newly bathed :wink: also some longer hair would be nice, also put some nice gradiant on the fur too like the reference picture I am posting now :slight_smile:

Good luck!