Fenrir, the beast

It got it’s own will now and destroy whoever is on it’s path.

Blender 2.77a


Wow! The details, shading and lighting!!! Just wow… Congrats

The beast looks so adorable for me. hahaha. Great work.

^Thanks!, also viewport render


A decent render ! Impressive for your robot.

It looks very cool, realistically the spine would probably have to be able to bend to either side and right now it looks a bit stiff, a stiff but hot looking dog.

Heavy armed version:


Looks awesome.

Only critique i have have is that the texture on the orange parts don’t seem to match the rest of the machine.

Wow very nice monster! But i prefer the version without heavy armor :slight_smile:
Do you plan to use it in a short film?

here is some pose and red armor


Very nice!

cool stuff, very complex :slight_smile:

I love it!

Excellently detailed model.

Inspired by LQ-84i? :wink:

Well deserved top row! Great lighting!

I like it!

is it rigged and baked down?


Awesome mecha stuff going on here! Love it!

Awesome machine. Reminds me so much of the Zoids animé. It is not a very great anime but love the mechas there.

Nice piece of machine.

Wow, I got feature… is it real???
Thanks everyone for the comments and yes the wolf’s body design has taken inspiration from blade wolf in MGR and various other machine.
the rigging is also almost done.