Fenrir, the beast

Superb work (Y)…

very nice work!

I really like the textures and the 3D elements. I would love to see the rigging and a breakdown of the animation.



the rigging is on the way, the many gears and parts makes it kind of hard to do it. but fun none the less.

excellent work man, this trully deserve stay in the top row, I leave my stars!

Awesome work mate…

This thing is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.

Brilliant stuff!

Good work!
When you will finish rigging it the first thing has to do is turning the head toward the camera, i think will gain a lot of life compared to how is static, “switched off” in first image.

some hi res image… I realize I never upload a higher res one.


Wow, the rigging is almost done? Sweet. This is going to be fun to watch once he’s chasing some bad ass guys :wink: Great work! Looks really super believable and realistic. Would love to see some nodes of those shaders =)

This was also feature on cover of 3D Artist magazine issue 96

Excellent job! Love robotic renders like this. It’s what my first realove model is going to be! Great inspiration!

It’s not symmetric! That’s awesome.

Awesome detail work. The joints all look very believable. Can’t wait to see more.