Feral Crimson

An entry for a sculpting contest at BlenderMania3D. Rendered with Cycles 256 samples + denoising, procedural texture only and vertex painting, particle systems, all works done in Blender.

First time using sculpt heavily to make a model, the other time I remembered using sculpting is to give textures/bumps to a muffin a long time ago and never touched sculpting again, lol. Quickly browsed some sculpting tutorials and started making it. Already two weeks left by the time I begun to sculpt (from 1 month allotted time) so I didn’t attempt to retopo or smooth the surface, there are also some flaws that I hid behind textures. Some parts still didn’t look like what I wanted actually, but quite happy with the result. Will learn more about sculpting later on.

Matcap view :

Vertex paint :