Ferrari 250 GT California 1961


Just finished my newest car model. The classic Ferrari 250 GT California!
Modeled in Blender, Interior textured in Quixel and Rendered in Blender Cycles. Post in Photoshop and Lightroom. Backgrounds are HDRI’s.

More 4k renders:

Hope you like it!



Thank you!

Great work!

Where did you get the background?

Looks amazing! :slight_smile:

It’s from

Thank you!

awesome work, it is so much photo-realistic. :eyebrowlift:

Thank you!

And a top row. Wow! I feel honored!

Yeah, congrats, definitely belongs there.

Stunning stuff. :slight_smile:

Excellent work!

Inspiring work, great stuff !

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Except the front grill, it looks like the UVs are messed up.

Great detail and awesome rendering!


great work,
Did you modelled the different parts of the car separately or is it a single object. I was trying to model a gallardo recently , I tried using a single cube but later but later it became so complex that wireframe was a mess so I left it at that. So any suggestions how should I proceed.

Very nice. The detail is incredible.

It is so good, I am afraid to ask how long it took to create it.

Congrats to the author of this beauty! Well done :slight_smile: