Ferrari 308 -> 288 GTO Kit


My new project. Second car im making. This got done super fast, just few days. I quess its the easy shapes of the car. So fast actually I didn´t get to make a topic untill now.

One of my car fantasys are getting ferrari 308 and buy 288 converison kit. You can buy ferrari 308 cheap now. Pretty much same price as new Wolkswagen Golf.

So I decided to model one. Then I have model to test modifications if some day am able to get one.




Gearbox is visible from behind. So did the visible part of the gearbox.

The modelling looks great, but the render could use some improvement.

when i saw the thumbnail in the forum list i was like “s*** thats a render?”

Im not too much conserned at this time about my renderings. Area that I will learn in the future when the model is nearer to complete. But if you have suggestions feel free to give tips and I´ll see if I can improve along the way. :yes:

Ferrari V8 rigged and working. Springs, valves, camshafts and all.

Specs are from ferrari 308 quattro valve engine. Basically 90 degree 2.9L v8. 4 overhead camshafts with 4 valves per cylinder. Flat-plane crankshaft(reason why ferrari v8 sound different than american v8).

It´s fairly accurate. Bore, stroke, crank journal diameters, crankshaft stroke, valves, piston bore, rod lenght are from service manual.

The mechanical movement is quite mezmerizing even on the blender viewport.

Engine block progress. Worked on the decks and front. There are still some ngons in the front to sort out.

Good models!
Structures are clean.

Block pretty much done. Some clay photos.

Beautiful work!

Thanks for the comments.

One head is done. Other head is slightly different so I´ll need to mod this slighly. Not a big deal.

Couple wires.

After some time off from 3D started working with project again.

Here´s a short animation of the engine internals to start it off.

WOW! Beautiful modeling. The car looks great as well.

Your attention to detail in your car models is impressive! I am glad that you have started working on this again and I am excited to see more.

I agree, your attention to detail is strong, most people would not even think to model the engine! Very impressive. Your latest animation is also cool to look at and see all the pieces moving together.
One thing to mention, I could see small black areas appearing on the camshaft drive belt or timing belt (if that is what it’s called, I had to look it up). I don’t know if these are due to normals issues, or multiple faces, or due to the distortion of the mesh itself. Other than that, I could see no issues.

Very good work.

Yes. Mesh is still on array modifier and bezier circle. Belt end and start overlaps a little. I might have to move or adjust some of the components later so didn´t finnish it yet. Will be fixed on next animation :yes:

Thanks for the comments everybody.

I´m building it


Oh you lucky *******!!! I’m not a fan of new Ferraris, but, man… a 358… That’s one of my favorites.

Great detail, exept that the sample size is too low.