Ferrari 360 Modena

One of my Bigger Projects, all modelled from scratch in blender 2.9.
Background motion blur done in Gimp with some masks rendered out of blender.



Nice work! If there’s a critique that I could make is the overall composition, which could be more focused on the car itself. Upping the contrast would also help make it punchier, as well as maybe a small faint vignette to guide the eye to car itself.

Regardless of that, good job, congrats!

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Thanks! I definitely will need to work on my “retouch” skills more, other cars i have made didnt even make it to the rendering stage so didnt get to retouch them lol. Thanks for the critique! Will try it next time!

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It’s the finishing touches that sometimes really elevate the render. You did the hardest part, now is the the time to make it shine :smiley:

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