Ferrari 360 Modena

Hello I am modelling this car and I wanted to share the process and maybe get some help from you, more experienced users.:slight_smile: I dont have any renders yet since I’m just in the modelling phase, but here are some wires. Tell me please if you see something wrong, i also wanted to ask how to do the spaces between two pieces ?

any help/links apreciated


looks very good! I think the best way to make the spaces neatly is to add a UV bump map

Edit: has good explanations

it’s easier to model them - then you have two separate components which you can modify as needed. for the start, though, model everything as one large piece, but make sure you have edgeloops along where you want the seams to be.

once you’re happy with your topography at that area, you can just select the part you want to separate’s verts, and use p to separate them. then just extrude the edges back into the vehicle a little bit.

you might have to stick another edgeloop in next to the edge to make the crease a bit sharper (this is usually the case)

good luck

thank you for your comments! :slight_smile: now I’m modeling one piece and then I plan on modelling details
now, I have 2 questions:

  1. is there a simple way to align selected vertices on a plane that would be common for all of them? look at the picture, the back light would need something like this…
  2. multires doesnt have something like poly reducing?


If I understood your question right, you can scale the verticles to 0 on the axis you want them aligned on.

aaa, yes, thank you very much, Viltsu. I knew there was a way but it didnt occur to me to do it like this :smiley:

Hello, I’m here with the regular update, i have finished the basic mesh and done some experiments with the material, here are some renders to show you. There is one light source and a HDRI map as the world material to enhance reflections.

Do you have any tips on improving?:slight_smile:


Cant really see anything wrong with it, looks like it’s supposed to look I think.

The modelling looks great. It looks like a plastic model car, though. I can’t find the reflection of the HDRI map on any place of the car. If there is a reflection of a landscape or things, I think it will look more realistic.

Very good.

Hello, so here is an update on my daily work :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: I added wheels, with whitch by the way I had enormous troubles and also I added windows. Any crits welcome!!


One of the best Ferrari’s I’ve seen.

another update, this time i have done headlights and side mirrors :slight_smile:


hello i have updated my model today,

  • improved headlights
  • added subframe
  • added front panel and steering wheel
  • added some engine parts
  • changed wheel disk material


man, you rock. this car is awesome. i am working on audi rsq, but i°m afraid of too many vertices :slight_smile:

the car looked pretty like a piece of metal (first renders), but after adding wheels NOW it looks as a plastic model.

but that°s just a n00b°s opinion :slight_smile: keep it up

lookin pretty good yo… you need to pop the hood and show off the engine when ur done =)

keep on blenderin

Wow! I can’t find anything wrong with it except that it should be more red.

hmm, well i can find “something”:

  • in general the body is quite wavy, and judging by some wire screenshots it’s because u have way too many verts to work on, thus it’s impossible to place them perfectly (would like to see wire screens/renders from such views like the last 2 renders)
  • another thing is that most of the edges should be sharper (hood, doors, etc.)
  • tire profile is too high, such car deserves nice, sport, low profile onesBut u can clearly see that’s the car your modelling (ferrari 360) which is surely a good place to start :wink:
    I’d really encourage u to focus on modelling for now and leave mats for later (so im not going to comment on mats/lighting). Post some grey/clay renders so we can see the model in it’s all beauty without all the reflections that look poor anyway on a wavy surface. Try to get as close to the real thing with the actual mesh and ask if u dont know how to do something (posting wires as well so we can get some insight)

keep up learning :wink: surely u can do better

  • Kroni

PS. i hope i didnt discourage u from finishing it… that surely isnt my intention.

no you didnt discourage me! constructive critics is the best comment you can give me :slight_smile:

  • yes it does have too many vets and it is impossible to place them well but sadly enough I found that out very late. Sides, as well as the back should be better. Here are the wires, if you want any other angle just say!
  • I am aware of that bu I dont know how to make the edges sharper, add more verts near them?
  • entire wheel is done based on the blueprint, but I want to change wheels when I will have time because I dont like them at all - they each have more verts than the rest of the car together !!I also wanted to thank to those who liked my work, it was encouraging and apreciated :smiley:


OK, well it doesnt look that bad :wink: u just need to delete some unnecessary edge loops to make it more in control. Here are my suggestions:

and about making sharp corners, u just have to add some extra edge loops close to the “main” edge, example and .blend:

keep it up