ferrari 360

i wouldnt call this finished but its driving me nuts. Ive gone a bit too far with the post processing but overall im happy with it.

sorry i realised why i wasnt getting any replies here should be the image.

Nice modelling! What kind of post processing did you use?
What kind of lighting scheme are you using?
Do you plan on adding more to the background later?

modeling seems good, but too strong lightning eat all details

yeah i agree about the stron lighting i cant seem to get a good reflection without this high contrast look to it.

rmv01- used the box technique to do this just a dark ground and white world colour. As for actual light all normal lamp with ray shawdow one quite high to get a good shadow under the car and one further away for a general shadow. I added the lense flare and blur in photoshop. Im going to start a new project so i might release the .blend later if i can get some web space.

Cool model but the rendering… :expressionless: :-?

After Lancia_Delta this is my next model project.

like it