another car… bet you’s are getting a bit sick of em now lol

im making this car for practice since im planning on writing a car tutorial, but im also going to cover blueprints, render/ materials and how to look at blueprins/ refrence images…

so what do you’s think of it?


Not a lot to see, yet . . . but it’s looking good so far.

BTW: I think people only really get sick of car images (or any other kind, for that matter) when the final render is low quality and there’s no interesting environment.

Don’t let us down . . .

another update, what do you’s think?

what do you’s think of the bonnet and the part above the fender? i had a real struggle when modelling that part since the bonnet didnt line up with the vertices, so i had to kind of hack them together and it took about an hour of tweaking to get it looking ok’ish!

i was thinking of making another ferrari for the tutorial im planning on making, what cars would you like to see in the tutorail, since i plan on making a number of parts for diffrent cars.


another update…were are the crits :frowning: (this mesh isnt perfect…or is it? lol)


I have a feeling most people want to see it more finished, first.

Personally, I’d rather evaluate it as a whole to spot any problem areas . . . instead of commenting on various parts at each stage of developement (although, I guess thats the whole point of a WIP). :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, it’s coming along nicely.

Very good and fast modelling, nothing to comment. Waiting for updates.

looking good, but im wondering why you didn’t already made the door. Isnt that easier than having to cut out it later? anyways, really nice modelling!

thanks for comments. more updates coming soon :). i have made the mesh so i can add a loopcut later. here is a render i did before of what it will look like once i add all the cuts in.


looking very good… love how you did the creases… im also working on a car (my first 3d car)… care to share a few tips? :slight_smile: my car is here

to do creases add extra rows of vertices by adding loopcuts (ctrl+r).

here is another update…damn i hate this car now :<
(well the back part!) its really hard trying to get the shape to flow around, i think ill start the back again. crits and comments welcome


Wow, you have really gone far with this.
Back it up! On to CD or DVD. You don’t want to lose your work.

Anyhow, this is awesome. Nice work. How many hours have you put into it? Be honest now.

You need to do a few test renders. Just to see how your progress is going on, and to keep the crowd, visiting here, entertained more.

There’s a lot of Car Projects going on lately. I wonder if somebody could put a website together of finished Blender car images. I am willing to do that.

very nice I love the front the most right now. I would’nt know what to do about the back. but I would say study some reference pics.

i intend to back it up :D. thanks for the comments and thats a pretty good idea spin, i would to see a blender car gallery since there are a lot of awesome cars made in blender out there. the totals hours im guessing and i would say about 10-12 hours, check my first post thens when i started it. im studying the back at the minute, ive deleted the top part of the back since it was rushed and looked messy.

here is a rather crappy looking test render, i still havent mastered blenders internal renderer.


hey Daniel8488, your car model is really awsome! :o i would love to build such a machine myself. so i look forward to the tutorial you will be writing hopefully very soon… :smiley:

Your mesh is great but I can see some ugly deformations around the door handle.

yea i noticed them ill have to go back and modify that part, i wish blender supported ngons though since its a pain when you can only use qauds, i know you can use tri’s but when using sub-surf you really dont wana use them! i know ive got some on my model, guess ill have to sort them out aswell :frowning:

thanks for the comments and crits every one :slight_smile:

CrazyPanda: it shouldnt be to long before your making awesome race cars, ive just started my tutorials (well the first in the series of 3!) :wink:

I also often have problems with the mesh around the door handles. Sometime when I can’t make them look right I just leave the door without the door handle hole.

When I’m done with the model I just apply one level of subsurf to the door and cut then the hole. It is much easier when you have a denser mesh.

thanks for the tip cipix i think ill do that for my model, any more tips :wink:
cheers :slight_smile:

C’mon - you don’t need more tips. You seem to have better modelling skills than most of us :).

I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

another update, just general tweaking and i added the vent at the side…its been harder modelling that peice that it has the rest of the car and still i dont think it looks right. anyways C+C plz :).

hope you like the renders