Ferrari 456 GT (First Car Model)

Hello. new to the forums here. I’ve started on my first car model and this is my work so far. Crits and comments please. About 3 to 4 hours of work :RocknRoll:


did u watch something or did u do it with out any thing?

Without anything. I have looked at wireframes of cars rather extensively though

nice!!! i been trying to make a car but i cant do it =( can u help me

nice lines!! i wish my car model had a great flowing of lines like yours. keep the updates comin’!

Nice start, if you want people to crit and help you need to post wireframe and renders with some reflections a clay render like you have makes it hard to judge whether the surfaces are clean and smooth.

Little late now guys. Hate to bring this post back up. Had some computer problems and lost this project file, but thanks for the input!