Ferrari 458 Italia

New render: Ferrari 458 Italia, modeled and rendered in Blender, Cycles. Post in PS & LR. HDRi from

Final Render



Really nice work! The lighting, modeling, everything looks perfect.

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The render looks pretty good.

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Thank you. It was a very nice way to showcase the model.

Thanks. Will do more with this model.

Nice render, but something wrong with shadows from car.

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Thank you. The shadows are from the HDRi, they are accurate.

I think what Tygrum means is it’s weird that the shadows have gaps between them while it should be a full dark mass. Is it possible that your car does not have a correct bottom plate?

Other than that great shot, those shaders came out really nicely under this lighting.
Some in-between shots of the creation of the car are always nice to share.

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I get what you are trying to say but the HDRi is at almost a sunset and the angle of the sun makes it look like so. I have built a proper shadow panel for the car. its just the lighting. You can see other renders from the same HDRi.

I guess the background is an image ?
The shadows look a bit off because they don’t match between car and background. Each one it selfe would be accurate.
Still great work anyway :slight_smile:

Omg dude, HDRi it doesn’t mean that picture be automatic correct (shadow). There must be understanding how work light. I see another render with this hdri, shadows in scene is wrong!
In this HDRi sun is higer and light waves have some barriers. In you render sun is look like right before the car at ground level without barriers. It is wrong.

Look at this, sun and ground have a sufficient angle for a have a shadow under the car

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Some wireframes. Will do studio renders soon.