Ferrari 458 Italia

Samples: 1200
Render time: 3h (CPU)


wow! That looks NEAT! Great render, it does really look like a photo! Is it your model?

i think that the model is perfect, and really well modeled, nothing to say! but i think there’s some problem with the direction of the car in relation with the background. you should turn the houses at the end of the road more towards the car, to the right. i love the motion sense effect of the wheels!

You literally posted this as soon as i was going to post mine!!! hahahahahahahah

Awesome work!

superb render! the carpaint rocks. maybe you should try to incorporate the model more in your image (light & color settings)

Model, paint and the wheel motion are well done, some wire frames and clay render at different angles will show the model more.

Thank you and yep, it is my model!

Here is some clay render.

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Kari oletko ottanut kuvan omasta autostasi;)…Very realistic! Great job!:smiley:

The car model looks great! I really like this render, the blurred background and motion blur are spot on! The vehicle doesn’t look quite grounded due to the lighting from under the tires but I know that is a Cycles issue. Overall excellent result!

Can i get blueprint of Ferrari 458 Italia??? Thanks all