Ferrari 458

Blender 2.71, Cycles Renderer.

Original Dimensions: 1920 px 1080 px

Render Time: 3 hours (my computer is very slow)

this is my latest project, Ferrari 458

Hopefully everyone likes it.

critique is very much welcome. :slight_smile:

Mark Muana

Get looking car and render. One honest question… does the steering wheel really sit that high in those?

thank you @Xraygunner. The steering wheel is actually not that high but the glass shader on the windshield sort of bend it, I don’t know why. I’m hoping someone can advice me how to solve this problem.

The distortion and bending of stuff behind glass can be decreased by tweaking the IOR of the glass shader.
Other stuff worth noting: The indent on the door should be more of a clean curve than it is, you can see where the indent on the door and the indent on that rear panel don’t match up. (Marked in black) Also, your rims are pretty thick, they don’t extend back into the wheel as much as on your car. Its a really small detail, but on the rear panel there should be a little Italia logo ( I marked where it should be in green)

Overall great work :smiley:

thanks @sdighe, you are awesome!

I made a tiny adjustment. here it is, I’ll finally call this done and move on to another project. :slight_smile:

like the 458 :slight_smile: maybe you would like to brighten up the scene a bit?

First of all nice work!
I’m modelling a Lamborghini Gallardo myself at the moment and I had the exact same issue with the glass shaders. The reason for the issue with my model was because my glass objects had no thickness. Maybe this is the case for your model too?