Ferrari 500. WIP modelling stage

This is my first car and I’m not sure at all of how i’m doing it, so i’d thank any advice about it. The color is just a sample.

This is the blueprint

My first version

And from this page i’m taking the foto reference

My first problem have been that the blueprint is not very consistent from some views to others so I had to chose the master one. Also there are some differences between the blueprint and the photographs. Again I’m doing at this point some artist’s decission

C&C and advises are welcome

are you using the edge loop method…

It sounds a bell but I don’t think I’m using. I begun with a subsurfed cube

good start, imo use more poly’s to get the shape, it is (with my own experience) more difficult to start with a box and make the shape therefrom, instead of following the blueprint (nice one btw) and using a lot more poly’s. (first basic shape, then subsurfacing) just my opinion, perhaps you work better with this.

I have no “way of working” at the moment. This is the third time in few days I’ve begun this model. Simply I thought that is easier to refine the shape with few polis and then subdivide or loop divide or knife when you need to model the details.
Do you know any “tutorial comparison” of different ways of modelling?

you can also click on a vertex on one side of the model the push ctrl followed by leftmouse button and create a line to the othe side of the model

othe the other side you have to merge the end of the line with the matching vertex on the other side

you only create the needed lines like this

Have a look at both car tutorials at . Those might help. There are also a lot of car and airplane and other vehicles blueprints.

I read your post again and I DID follow the blueprint, but I did working on subsurfed cubes instead of adding vertices one by one. I thought it would result in a more symmetric and clean mesh.

I have my blueprint set up in the four views of my car.

An update

Looking good, but I think I saw quite a few triangles there.
You really should try to get rid of triangles in your mesh.

How do you know there are triangles? Where do you think there are?

its looking pretty good, well done :slight_smile:

the only major problem i can see is the back part of the cockpit, if u look at the refrence photos it doesnt suddenlt stop like that at the back and the side parts are slightly off, they should be easy to fix

ive edited ur render, hope u dont mind, the red line shows were polys should stop to give the cockpit its correct shape.

p.s. what does this mean “You are not allowed to post Files with the Extension jpeg within this Forum” that mean im not allowed to post any more pictures on elysiun :frowning:

Well, I guess I can´t know for sure.
But I think that you do have triangle shaped faces in your model. The wireframe image you posted at least seems to show a few areas with unnecessary triangle faces.

Well, I think there are triangles in the area around the hole thing, in the middle of the model.

the model is looking quite good, but I just thought that you could have improved your mesh for a better result.
I´m sure this piece will look nice when it´s finished.

Small update

Fixed some errors and defects posted at blenderfor