Ferrari 599 GTB

finish C&C welcome


More view please :wink:

excellent, really!!! :slight_smile:

front maybe? action shot? :slight_smile:


the model is amazing - render with a HDRI for crazy realism

yes, I use HDR

It looks really professional, but the material at the windows needs some further tweaking. 5*

it would be nice to have more view :wink:

Which render engine?
Cool picture, and I agree with Rozmiarek about the windows material.

Fantastic job !! + 1 for more views or short anime

The seam closest to the camera (bumber and mainbody) seem to have troubling geometry as shading doesnt match, when the curve of the hull seems to be same with the bumber… It looks like eithe the hull or the bumber is detached from another. If you know what i mean.

What is a bumber? :stuck_out_tongue:

What render engine did you use, Bleed?

i really love the real deal 599 this 3d version of some reason doesn’t quiet feel there. I think its many small things that are off adding up and throwing the whole model a bit off. but I love all you materials minus the windows and the lighting is damn good

@Carrozza I have spotted this car on the yafaray forum so I think its yafaray Typo… my bad…

looks great