Ferrari 725GTB 1965

dont know why but I like old cars now when I do blender I could model some of them.render in cycles



Good Job ! Try to work a bit more on the material and the lighting. The text at the back is original :slight_smile:

Nice one. Looks really good.

I particularly like the spokes and detail in the tires.

I’m curious how you did the shader for the indicator? I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to get rear lights correct. The best solution I’ve got so far is to create the glass and but a red glossy material behind the glass shader.

I agree, nice!

I think I used just ordinary shader but some times I using two crossed wave textures to create colour patern + bumb map that is from modeling car series on cgcookies

Isn’t this a 275 GTB?

I like this; very good model and render.

There are a few issues, that for me, spoil it.

  1. Only minor, but the light reflections should likely line up; although as cars get older and panels and doors can move ever so slightly. It looks new, however.

  2. Similar here to number one, or that could be reflection issues due to shape and camera angle; it still looks odd.

  3. This is a big one imo; the space between the door and the surrounding panels is uneven. You should have paid more attention to detail, and maybe added a higher sub-surf or just a little more geometry.

  4. Not sure if that concaved crease should be slightly sharper; you can check that though.

  5. It looks fake; the rest of the car looks real - this doesn’t. They can be a pain to do; details often are.

  6. The little shadowed area at the corner of the window looks odd; it maybe due to light and camera angles, but it still looks odd.

  7. The line here doesn’t look straight; hard to tell due to angle and it being the only shot, but there is a curve towards the back of the car that attracts the eye; if it’s not due to geometry, then it would be better to adjust the camera angle slightly to avoid that.

thx for awesome feedback I have problem to make nice cut and line ups and those part around doors was nightmare I still learning modeling technics how to make it better that glossy material reveal it all thx again I didn’t expect so complex feedback ,happy blending

yes it’s is I’ve written that wrong :frowning: blame me I’m idiot ,after awesome critique I’m going to work on it again :slight_smile: and still want to add more detail