Ferrari 812 Superfast Renders [WIP]


I will appreciate your thoughts on this project below. Please post the things you like or dislike. I will try my best to reply and improve the project.
Thanks Again, Enjoy!

For Full-Res links [Recommended]:

These are renders after some touchups in GIMP [for reflections].

I will also render and upload the closeups and interior scenes and also one with an HDRi. Currently working on the interior right now.

The paint material used was of Mike Pan’s which had all the imperfections to make the paint look real. The paint had orange peel, metallic flakes and clearcoat which emulated a real world example.

Model is awsome, but I think the material imperfections are too big in total render, most of all in the orange reflections, I’d add a mapping to reduce the scale.

For Example? Yes, there are some imperfections also in headlight which I noticed afterwards.

Update on Progress:


Okay here’s the image after final render:

Let me know if I should change the background.

Full res (couldnt render 4k but 1440p):

Now it’s perfect!. As background I guess you could use any hdri landscape+road.