Ferrari Enzo F-60

Since I got off to such a great, early start with my BWC entry, I thought I’d take a break and try my hand at car modeling. What better than a Ferrari Enzo?:rolleyes:



Looks great so far. Where did you get those nice reference images? Do they line up perfectly?

I got them from, which is a pretty awesome site with a huge library of blueprints.

Made some tires, finished up more of the body.

More work done.

this is great, do you think its too late to start a timelapse :smiley:

Yeah, bit too late for a time lapse. And besides, I’ve been switching back and forth between Blender and episodes of Lost anyway. (I’m up to the fourth season, lol) I didn’t expect this model to go as well as it has, too. It’s my first try with car modeling, so I doubted that anyone would care to watch. :o

Some small details added. Rear view mirrors, door handle, and such.

Finished up most of the back:

Starting to come together. One critic, the gaps are too big on the hood and door.

Thanks. I’ll make sure I go over that before I start doing some interior.

Anyway, took a break from modeling to do some texturing on my tire.
Sorry about the tiny render. It’s taking forever with the Gaussian reflections.