Ferrari Enzo F-60

Ferrari Enzo F-60
Rendered composited in Blender Internal.

Update: A version without the heavy DOF:

Hope you like it. Got another render in progress. :slight_smile:

Wow. Pretty nice. A bit too much on the dof, makes it look like a toy. Other then that. Wow

It looks like a miniature.

Nice! looks a little scratched up though

great job man… the model is great, the materials look awesome as well… congratulations

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:
The DOF was a bit heavy. I rendered a version without it up at the first post.

what are your render settings and light set up?

The car geometry is seriusly crooked. The door has bad edging, Rear tire sticks out of the car (i think it shouldnt, but check the original car for reference). Render is nice and quite fresh, but the car itself is quite unfinished.

This is awesome !!!

was the car involved in an accident or what because its seriously lumpy the surface is not smooth at all,
I am not one to sing praises easily so no awesome, cool or sweet from me because this kinda looks noobish and rushed.

Might look llike a miniature because the buildings seem a bit out of proportion…