Ferrari Enzo

Here is the image of my Ferrari Enzo modeled with blender 2.49.I focused a lot to create realistic image as possible and to reduce my render time.From top of the car I’v put white plain to emit the light and reflections.Front of the car big area light.Side view and rear view used hemi lights.Also with standard lights used ambient occlussion.Thanx for the feedbacks and advices.

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two things: welcome to Blender Artists Forums

and That is amazing!!!

Thanx a lot Jezzabetz for the feedbacks and welcome message.Here is another image with doors opened.If you have any suggestions to improve my image please post it.


Really good job, but in the pic with the doors open it looks a little boxy, like its not long enough or its too tall. Other than that excellent work

I would try a much more light grey for the floor and also make it a little mirror like 10%.

it looks the doors only move vertically but they should also swist a little good model btw

If you’re looking for a nice finished render, you’re going to need two work on the car a bit; add panel seams, work on a few details, etc. If you’re only trying to improve your lighting and rendering skills, I can’t really help but you’re making good progress so far. I would brighten the image a bit though. Keep up the good work.