Ferrari F40

Hello all! Here’s a little project that I got myself into maybe a year ago.

I’d recommend modeling a F40 for anyone who is thinking about getting to know car modeling. It’s a nice modeling project with plenty of non-terrible blueprints online (LIFE-CHANGING TIP: Don’t make the entire model in a single object, use different planes for bumpers / fenders, etc).

This first render is the final modeling without any modifiers (before wheel changes and lots of details added)

And then there was the first test-render with my self-made shader


After some shader, texturing and light tweaks I came up with this


And I’m glad this is my first realistic car rendering product after more than 10 attempts at modeling a car. But again, do not make the model on a single object. It took me so long for me to realize that, and after I did, there was my first result.
Thanks everyone, hope you like it.